Personal Training

Personal Training Classes


Pricing: Members

Single Sessions:       $40      

Package of 10 Sessions:     $350

Group of 2/ Package of 10 Sessions (apiece):      $250


Pricing: Non-Members

Single Sessions:    $45

Package of 10 Sessions:     $400

Group of 2 Package of 10 Sessions (apiece):     $300


Ray Yager-


"Over 8 Years ago I made a decision to make Health & Fitness not only my life long goal, but also my professional career. I've been blessed to work with a huge array of fitness levels, ages, and wonderful people from all walks of life. I customize workouts to each and every client with the long term goal of creating a new lifestyle of health and fitness or enhancing the fitness levels of all clients. I'm also a blessed husband and father with God at the center of our lives. If you'd like to kickstart your fitness or add a new level of accountablility, don't hesitate to call (517)937-2408!" 

Janey Stansbury

Personal Trainer

Pricing: Members & Non Members

Pricing: Members & Non-Members


Single Sessions: $65 ~ 1 hour


Pkg of (5) 1 hour sessions: $275


Pkg of (10) 1 hour sessions: $450

Janey Stansbury-


Janey Stansbury-

has been working in health, fitness and energy balancing for over 25 yrs. She calls her business The Art of Balance because she believes it's balance and harmony that we're all seeking in our daily lives.  The Art of Balance encompasses a holistic approach to health & fitness through the following:
Personal Training and Pilates

Balance & Pelvic Stabilization Exercises

Postural and Flexibility Assessments

Full Body Stretching and Acupressure Massage (client remains clothed)

Simple DIY energy/hormone balancing techniques

Acupressure and Reflexology (feet)

E.f.t./s.e.t. (simplified energy techniques)
Whether you need quality training, better range of motion, less stress, less pain or just some relaxation and pampering ~  Janey Stansbury can be reached by calling 269-579-JANE (5263) or email her at [email protected]